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Youtuber Revival: One You Tube Channel Has Risen Above The Rest

The word “prank” has been changed to mean making out with as many random girls as possible or finding ways to demean/get under peoples skin for the benefit of youtube ‘likes’, or ‘subscribes’. This in turn benefits the pocket of the Youtuber and brings in revenue allowing popular channels to keep growing and exploring more questionable ground. As it turns out, this has paved the way for a whole new generation of You Tube channels which embrace the provocative spontaneous mindset of candid cameras masquerading as “social experiments” but one channel has risen above the rest.

Give Back Films is a channel who deems themselves “in a better position than others for the purpose of giving back”. They link with other entrepreneurs/businesses to give away money to people who need it directly with no strings attached and unlike many of the you tube videos out there they do not dangle the money like bait for homeless people. Creating a human condition which is understandable to all and cohesive with our constitution…we all have unalienable rights…existential, intrinsic worth as people.

Watch Kyle Orr and the bros do their thing here Give Back Films


Downtown Atlanta, Georgia with Give Back Films



The Drive-Thru Window


A Merry Big Christmas


The best part about this channel is the remaining authenticity. Although they have grown into quite the channel with phenomenal production value, they haven’t compromised their message. And they aren’t afraid to share it. In response to a comment saying”

“So, this channel has now turned into an ad campaign? What a shame, you guys had some good honest videos when you first started. “

Give Back Films brightly answered:

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 2.41.57 PM

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