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Why I Hate Not Seeing Enough Latinos In Hollywood |

It is an understated and maybe subconscious thing at this point to have an overtly white Red-Carpet show. The actors and actresses strut down the run-way and as they may have rather exotic elements to their look, the key players always show up to represent the latino minority. Penelope, J.Lo, Sofia Vengara, Selma, maybe Marc Antony, Andy Garcia and a handful of younger leading ladies.


Latino Plus American Equals Something Worth Filming

The truth of the matter, is when it comes down to the major motion pictures, the big time awards and the leading roles, you hardly ever see a latino person casted as something other than a latino. Allow me to explain.

The latino culture in America is one of the most dense and spirited cultures there are. They aren’t just made up of one country, but when you combine all of the countries and add the common denominator of American patriotism, a unique blend is created. Hollywood is simply acting like that piece of the American culture doesn’t exist and by doing so, is robbing our nation of our true identity. By not accurately portraying the latino culture in it’s films, they destroy the outlook on Hispanic-American life and people for everyone.

We’re Everywhere, Get Over It.

As of 2014 the U.S census has reported that 17% of America is Hispanic or Latino. This means that among all of the nationalities we have in this amazing country, hispanics are the largest minority. We are projected to increase massively and surpass the amount of caucasians in states like California as well, but those are politics for another blog post.


We’re Not All Vatos With Rims & Low Riders

When Hollywood does decide to portray a latino family or person, the stereotypes are baffling. Crazy/Beautiful with Kristen Dunst, for instance where her romantic interest is a young Mexican kid who is poor from California but is struggling to get out of the hood, or Bruce Almighty where Jim Carey is jumped by a gang of Mexican Esses.

You may be thinking, okay. I’ve seen latino actors in some good roles! You’re taking this too far! I will tell you this, If there was a leading latino actor in a role, it was a mostly latino cast in a movie about latinos. I have never seen a completely latino actor as a leading man in a major motion picture. The closest thing I’ve seen is Andy Garcia, and he looks more Italian than latino.


There’s Proof We Should Be Better Represented!

Now the reason could very well be that there just aren’t enough latino actors, or that they simply aren’t as talented, but a new poll by the Washington Post showed that less than 5% of actors on large motion pictures in Hollywood were Hispanic and if female-latinas were more likely than any other ethnicity to appear partially or totally naked (i.e Roselyn Sanchez in Rush Hour 2). So if Latinos make up 17% of the population and only 5% of the films we watch, that means 12% is being underrepresented. Where are those 12% of roles going?

I Pay Them More Money Than Anyone

This rings disturbing on many levels, statistically because hispanics are more likely than anyone to go to the movies and pay Hollywood tons of money (I can personally attest to this). Then there is the ability to get the job in the first place. Females in Hollywood always need to sign off on conditions and contracts. It seems like the conditions to being a latina, more often than not (i.e J.Lo) is to show your body for money (does that sound like any other jobs you can think of?).

I Want Them To Tell My Story Too

The true struggle here is in the lack of diversity in the writing and the writers. When you aspire to be an actor, you are aspiring to fit into the mold of what someone else has written. When you aspire to be a writer you aspire to write out a world for someone else to fit in to. If there was to be a solution for fixing prejudice in Hollywood it would be swapping out mindsets and prejudice writers and scripts. Until we have new content we could have Marc Antony playing the role of a very racist Ed Norton in American History X it really wouldn’t matter.




Here are a couple of words from some latino celebrities (they’re probably not as famous as you’d want them to be cuz well…it’s been hard for them to get work.) on the industry and being latino.

Did I miss anything? What do you think about Latino culture how can you relate even if you aren’t latino?



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One thought on “Why I Hate Not Seeing Enough Latinos In Hollywood |”

  1. Michael Morejon says:

    I 100% agree with everything you said, myself being a Cuban American living in Miami, FL. Thanks for writing this article 🙂 Great stats too.

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