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Why Bromances Are Important: The Basic Guide for Bros

A study was done where a group of elderly couples who have been married for more than 50 years were split up and asked who their best friends where. The ladies all had similar answers: Peggy Sue, Mary Ann, my husband, Gertrude and Delilah. The men as well had similar answers…my wife.

What’s the point here? Men suck at cultivating and keeping relationships. Specially with our fellow bros. I mean think about it! Whens the last time you asked the guy you lift with how he feels? Or what his childhood was like? See my point?

What’s Your Point Bro?

We all know girls run in packs. From the inception of elementary school lunch tables and school crushes we had to get past our crush’s best friends to get to her. All the way through middle school we needed to work around a posse of tight knit girl friends who share all information within a split second. And so it remains! Clubs are a replica of elementary school lunch table interactions only Carnage is playing over the speakers and the only tables are the DJs turntables(I went to Catholic School so the skirts stayed the same).

What did change is the friendships between us guys. We got nothin’.

Nah, Bro

It is more than just a stumbling ‘I love you, bro!’ after a drunken victory of beer pong, friendship must be worked on. This is why women can naturally attain it for longer times. They delve into the depths of emotions with their friends and talk about things that men won’t (like what they did on valentines day). But we don’t just need to friends to hang out with, we need people to grow with. Or else we will end up like the men from the study, with only one friend…our wife.

Grow With Your Bro

When life begins to change we look to our buddies for some small form of familiarity, some relief from the whipping tides of life however, if we constantly allow the people around us to be complacent we are doing them an injustice. Friendship provides an open forum for your day to day life, if your friend is going through something you should be there to honestly point them towards truth. We need a bro that challenges us to lift more at the gym, or to stop wearing backwards caps because you’re not 16 anymore. We need to be pushed, I mean, does your bro really love you if he lets you be basic?

I Need You Bro

They take hard work and are sometimes difficult which is why we sometime take a “I don’t need anyone, I can do this all on my own.” attitude. But the truth is we can’t. We need people, and even more so, people need us. That is the give and take of friendship, it is a growing relationship that will lead both of you bros to better yourselves.


So be sure you always look to cultivate healthy friendships. People who will build you up, not tear you down, who believe in you and look after you. These are your bros. If they are pointing you to God, you know they have your best interest in mind. Jesus loving bros are the best bros you’ll ever have (they don’t hold many grudges). So find some and start working at those bromances so by the time you are 50 years into your marriage you wont be lonely when your wife goes out with Gertrude and the gals.

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