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There’s Hope for the Friendzone After All

3 thoughts on “There’s Hope for the Friendzone After All”

  1. Keisha says:

    This was such a GREAT post! I KNOW how important it is to seek GOD’S wisdom for relationships we have in our lives. If you dont, ( I know first hand how damaging and hurtful it can be). God know us and HE knows what we NEED. He has been revealing to me what to look for in a mate, and have down right shut down anything that is not of HIM! LOL. Like you explained someone being polite and opening a door do sent mean that is our future spouse! Every time I even try to take it there, GOD brings me back! It took a while to not look deeper into something just because of wanting a fairytale, or wanting someone to call babe.
    He has told me I have so much more work to do before I even Think about being with someone, and I am sure my future spouse is getting worked on by GOD also. I want/need someone that GOD is putting in my life, I can’t go off of my emotions and feelings anymore! Nope, not doing it! Great post!!

  2. Tiffani says:

    Thanks so much! I find myself in the friend zone time and time again. For multiple reasons, mainly because my anointing and drive intimidates some guys, I have been told. They feel like they cant keep up. One one occasion, after asking what type of guy would date me, I was told, “someone who knows the bible front and back.” WHAT THE HECK? And that was a Christian guy that said that! I’m done! I have learned to accept who I am in Christ and realized my faith and belief in Christ will be appealing to some guy, the right guy one day. All I can be is who I am and my walk with Christ, wont be compromised because of someone else’s insecurities.

    1. Tatianah Green says:

      Amen, you don’t have to compromise who you are or your standards for anyone. God is doing you a favor by keeping the wrong ones in their place, don’t give up hope in the Lord’s promise for your life. The right one will find you working for God and he will recognize his wife, not just a friend!

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