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The Young Adult Club: How Your 20’s are Different While Living for Jesus

Even though we are in different phases of our lives, in different situations and different callings; our 20’s are our defining decade. And while 21 may look very different than 29, we can all agree that living for Jesus has been the best decision we have ever made! The defining decade of your 20’s may be difficult to dedicate to our Lord, but with more and more struggles we experience in this world during this decade, it becomes clear that living for Jesus is vastly different and dare I say better than living without him. We see him in the shaping and molding of our everyday lives and relationships, our churches, and even our Spotify playlists (if you have iMusic, case in point).


I’m sure we can all remember that one friend who did us dirty and is no longer around. That one who stole our boo. Or that one who told everyone about how that one stole our boo. Well, things like this happen when Jesus isn’t a regular component of our lives. Not to say we become perfect, but when Jesus is centered in our friendships, if these things happen we are actively working towards restoration. Maybe not the boo thing(we might have to let that one go) but the friend. Odds are that friend was only doing the only thing they knew how, and for that we should understand, forgive, FORGET (yes, forget) and move on into restoring friendships.

We tend to run around developing friends and loved ones based on what they can do for us and keeping score of what happened in our relationships. That my friends, is the woes without Jesus way. The minute someone crosses our imaginary line, we write them off. But lets apply that to ourselves, have we never crossed any lines?


Even though there is still drama, still talking and still some boo problems, there shouldn’t be as many. We’re now running around not worried if someone hurt us, because we can forgive them a lot easier. Our hearts are guarded by Gods grace because that Jesus guy we both love, well He forgave us both, so who are we to be mad at each other? It makes having friends a lot easier, it makes keeping friends a lot easier and it makes getting to know people a lot easier.


I asked someone the other day why they broke up with their ex. Their answer? “I still love them, but I don’t trust them.” The next day they were back together. This blew my mind. I once heard someone say “Getting back with your ex is like giving them another bullet for their gun because they missed the first time.” It’s a bit dramatic, but you understand what I’m getting at. You’re giving someone another chance to fail you. Another EXample of who not to date (Yes! facebook quote at its finest) We have diluted the meaning of LOVE down to what we feel that day. If this person makes me feel good, and hasn’t hurt me yet, then this must be love. But, if this person hurt me and has made me feel good in the past then i “fell out of love with them”. love is not a feeling it is a fact. An event.



Love is a person on a cross. It is selfless devotion regardless of what the other person does. In other words love is a covenant between God and man. The human representation of that; the closest living parable to it, is marriage. Knowing that as people who live for Jesus in their 20’s makes life so much easier. It takes the burden off pursuing pointless heartbreaks. Constantly putting yourself out there only to end up in the same spot. Leaving you frazzled, self conscious, more broken and  having to start over. Living for Jesus in your 20s makes you whole, self aware, unwilling to settle, ready for a real relationship, and gives you an understanding of what the true definition of love is; infinite, divine affection.



It’s so easy to get wrapped up trying to make it in your 20’s. Getting our careers on point, building businesses, planning for the future(if we know whats best), or just saving money in general. On the other hand it’s easy to get swept away in worrying about bills and lack of money. Not many things seem more important than getting on our your own two feet, getting your own place, car, launching out and being that adult! Kick the word young outta here! Metaphorically speaking of course…We are still young, I promise.



The great part about living for Jesus in your 20’s is that you know there are more important things to life! Whether you don’t have much, or you have tons freely you have received and freely you GIVE! The more you love the Lord the more generous you become, not just with your money, but in general. Money becomes secondary. This doesn’t mean that you don’t learn to take care of your finances, but the importance you place on becoming rich goes down. However, the wisdom you receive from the Lord shoots up! You learn to deal with your finances, to plan for a blessed future (spiritual blessings as well as physical) to become a better spouse for the person you’ll marry and so much more. Money just becomes a means to an end.



Just like marriage, family is forever. Only you can’t pick them. Sometimes getting tired of who you’re related to is inevitable. So many disagreements and fights it makes you just want to stay away in general. Or maybe the problem is you are too close, and it is stopping you from pursuing a random dream of moving somewhere you’ve always wished you could be. The dream job you knew you were born for! But they won’t ever understand, and every time you talk it is just more bickering and arguing. They don’t take your advice and paint you to be the bad guy!


A young twenty something living for Jesus has an extended family called the church. We get offered so many different perspectives that can help us understand why our family members may be going through what they are going through and why they are taking it out on us. It doesn’t stop there, our extended family (the church) might even be able to tell us what we can do and change about our own reactions to help the situations and bring restoration between our biological family members. When we start to see this peace in our direct family as twenty somethings, we will start to change our ideas about family, and eventually want to have that same feeling when we start our own (if we haven’t already). So give your crazy aunt Gertrude some grace. It’s not her fault her dog named Marco-Rubio ran away.



What do you think? What other parts of living for Jesus as a twenty something did I miss? Share and let me know below!

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