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The 10 Most Romantic Places in the World

So since my blog is turning more into a lifestyle blog, I am now going to share with you my top ten of romantic places in the world because I’m sure everyone would love some inspiration of where to spend a special day with their loved one.


Havre de Grace


So my #10 is a little town I’d call amazingly beautiful. I first fell in love with Havre de Grace, Maryland, when I saw the lighthouses, the jetties and the overall gorgeous landscape of this seaside town.

And I think it’s a very pretty and fitting name for such a lovely town!

It’s the perfect place for taking long walks, enjoying some sightseeing without having to hurry, ending the evening in a nice restaurant and enjoying the spectacular view as the sun sets over the water.





This lovely Greek city is truly mesmerizing and it’s been on my wish-list of places to go for years now! Just take the blue and white houses, the plenty pink flowers, the clear blue sea and amazing sunsets, and you will be under the spell of this stunning location in a heartbeat.


Rio de Janeiro



Ok, so I basically came to think of Rio because of a song it was mentioned in and I’m glad I did because this city is perfect for spending some amazing unforgettable days!

It’s bustling and bright at days and when the sun goes down be sure to spend the evening on a balcony or terrace enjoying the view and sipping champagne while turning on some music fitting the scenery!





Amsterdam is definitely a must-do on this list!

At night the illuminated canals create a magical athmosphere and of course in daylight the city looks wonderful too. Spend your time in a cosy little café or enjoy some wine in a nice restaurant, and don’t forget to check out the pretty flower markets! So romantic!




So this one is another really small town but a very very pretty one in Normany, North of France where I’ve spent some days of summer a few years back and I really love it there! You can walk the narrow streets until you reach the harbour, see the sea and check out the cute little shops and restaurants along the shore.

If you want you can rent a boat and enjoy a cruise for a couple of hours, it’s surely gonna be more than fun!





So why not spend a few days in Prague, the golden city?

Be sure to check out the old town, the parcs and the castle together, you’re going to feel like in a fairytale.

It’s perfect for art lovers too.




In my opinion Warsaw looks just like out of a movie. The little old-fashioned pretty coloured facades will make you love this city!

You could take a walk through the nostalgic old town, have a nice breakfast at the Market Square, and see the Castle while enjoying a lovely view over the river.




So #3 makes an Italian city. Milan is now on the top of my must-do list of the cities I haven’t been to before since it just looks amazing on pictures with the large cathedrals and beautiful buildings. You should definitely have some Italian coffee while you’re there and enjoy the amazing architecture together.

So I think it’s not only a fashion hotspot but also a very romantic city.





There you go, another Italian city…

Venice is most likely the most chosen honeymoon vacation I guess and with its canals, the beautiful architecture and the golden glow of the sunset lights over the water you can quite easily see why. It’s truly a unique and captivating place and I really loved my stay when I was there 6 years ago.




Of course Paris makes the top one. It’s pretty obvious isn’t it? But with it being one of my favourite cities for vacation and sightseeing and its overall clichéed image as the most romantic city ever how could I not put it as #1 in this list?

With its bridges, little side walk cafés and the Eiffel Tower, Paris is truly picturesque and offers you so many great opportunities to just take a walk and enjoy the beautiful buildings and bakeries along the way. Or maybe take a horse-drawn carriage instead 😉

Julie is a fashion blogger, photographer and travel enthusiast over at The Lady Fairer. Read more from her here!

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