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Single On Valentine’s Day?

Ah, Valentines Day. This special day is usually designated for the couples out here in the world, leaving us single folks either scrambling to find a date just to have someone, or sulking at the house bored or borderline depressed. But the moments of feeling left out on Valentine’s Day are long gone as many of us, and I do mean many, have particpated in the holiday and enjoyed it without a bae. As an advocate for singles living and enjoying life, if you’re solo on love day, best believe that you do have options too. Let’s dig into some ideas here:

Spend time with friends.

You may not have a boo but you do have a squad, team, or circle of friends. Why not do a Valentine’s Day event for just you and your crew? Make a day or evening of it by sharing food, laughs and company. Coming together for fellowship is a positive thing and can instill a new tradition in your life this season, something worth looking forward to each year.

One fun idea is to take photos together with a Valentine’s Day theme. One year my friends and I got dressed up and had a themed dinner at White Castle of all places. We had fun because we made light of the day and enjoyed each other’s company, heart themed ties, carnations and a giant heart made out of burger boxes;  the photos and memories will last longer than your blah feelings on that day. Create your own tradition on Valentine’s Day and enjoy making memories with your friends.

Send a valentine to yourself.

Loving yourself is crucial to enjoying life in whatever season you’re in. Too many of us seek love outside of ourselves, but when you have real love for yourself, you attract better people into your life as well. On this day treat yourself to something you like because, well, you deserve it. Last year I had a personal movie night, cooked myself dinner and enjoyed fresh strawberries with Nutella.

Love for ourselves is vital for fulfilling our assignments and purpose in this life. Not the vain kind of love, but genuinely being okay with being single and not needing to rely on another human being to make you happy, feel loved, or feel wanted. If you need to, write a note to yourself and share what you love and accept about yourself, even the flaws! Share the love this month with the #LoveThySelfChallenge via social media, sharing quotes, scriptures, memes and more that celebrate self love, loving yourself as God does.

Spend time with the Lord, your first love.

Remember that having a valentine doesn’t validate you. Valentine’s Day can be a lonely time for us singles, but remember that you’re not here on your own. Let me remind you that God adores you and He is the ultimate valentine to have. For one, He knows exactly who you are, accepts you, and loves you unconditionally. He epitomized love by sending His only begotten son so that you could spend eternity with Him.

What?!? I mean, if you’re saved you know this, but take a moment to let that sink in again. We are very blessed and favored to be found by the Lord and have salvation through Jesus Christ. Not many people are willing take beatings let alone die for you and me, but He paid the price so that we could be with our Creator forever! Saying that this is still a better love story than “Twilight” is an understatement!

How will you show love to the Lord on Valentine’s Day? The word encourages us to sing a new song unto the Lord in praise and adoration of who He is, not just what He can give us. Whatever your worship style is, express your love and appreciation for our Father. Besides, we are able to love because of God, as stated in 1 John 4:19.

You can also show love for God by sharing it with others all around you. Sharing your time or resources with someone in need or less fortunate puts things in perspective that although you may be single, you’re not an island in this world. God uses us to share His love with one another, so don’t get caught up in feelings that make it all about you and how lonely you are. Share your gifts and time with others and give glory to God.

My plans this year? There are a few events in my area that I will attend. I want to enjoy time and fellowship with like minded people while finding contentment in this season. Be in God’s peace as the day approaches and there after. You are loved and you have love to give!

Tatianah Green is a multimedia content creator with a passion for writing. In 2012 she launched her first blog, B.L.I.S.S. to encourage the urban faith community to be the best in their personal relationships with Jesus Christ that will in turn create successful romantic relationships and marriages. Tatianah is a contributing writer for and other websites. Professionally, she is an eCommunications & Social Media Coordinator and is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists. Tatianah enjoys volunteering and is a member of Chosen Generation ministries in Chicago, Illinois. You can connect with her on Twitter/Instagram/Periscope: @TforTrendsetta

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