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Pick Your President 101: Who Are You Voting For?

In the coming elections it is easy to be overcome by confusion or indifference because of the absurdity of politics. From the stupidity of a youtube candidate called Deez Nuts (I wish Jon Stewart was around for this one) to our possible first woman President, or our fat cat 1%er Donald Trump who decided to think of himself as a Republican all of the sudden. This election has been sure to be entertaining to say the least. But one thing I look at as a 1st generation hispanic american, is how these candidates relate to me.

Naturally, latinos and those who come here from other countries assume a Democratic position because of one reason: Immigration. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but when all is said and done, you are throwing out the baby with the bath water. As a latino american I look around at my hispanic friends and my parents (who moved here in their twenties) these are the things we worry about:

What does this candidate think about me?

Have they ever been in my shoes? Ever been to Paterson NJ? Ever driven a beaten down Honda Civic and run out of gas because they couldn’t afford it? How relatable are they to my life? A lot of times politicians are out of touch with reality. And almost by no fault of their own. They were born into money, grew up knowing how to use money, and they shouldn’t be punished for it, however, they shouldn’t lead a country which is predominantly filled with people who don’t have the kind of money they do…Unless they are willing to share their wisdom, fix the poverty.

I am not speaking relatibility in the sense of realizing this candidate has smoked a joint just like me! Let me post it on my tumblr! I am talking an understanding of the human condition. JFK had it, Regan had it to an extent, and I believe there was a dose of it in Clinton.

How will this candidate approach college debt?

Since my parents moved into a misguided and broken(to say the least)college system in America, they (nor I) had any idea how to manage my collegiate career, therefore plummeting me into a student loan crisis I have had to live with and fight diligently my entire college and professional life. Now that starting my own family is on the horizon, I want to know what this presidential candidate has in store for my future children/your current children.

What does this candidate have to say about my faith?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked someone who they are voting for. They’ve responded “TRUMP! CUZ HE’S REAL!” “HILARY, WE NEED A WOMAN PRESIDENT!” Then I’ve asked them about their policy, and crickets, crickets…Every decision this candidate is making is coming from a moral compass. If we don’t know their moral compass, we will be in for a big surprise when they make some huge law that we are against. (For the record, I wasn’t surprised by anything Obama did. Nor was I happy.) This doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be of the same faith as you are, but they should respect the fundamentals of our country and the constitution, which are a freedom of speech, and religion.

What DON’T I agree with them about?

It’s easy to say I agree with Bernie Sanders about his financial policies for the country which include an additional tax on Wall st. trading to help pay off student loans. It’s also easy for me to say I am fairly akin to Dr.Ben’s ideas with healthcare and Planned Parenthood. What is hard for me to say and what will be the deciding factor will be what I disagree with these candidates on.

How do they talk about other countries?

My parents are Peruvian, and even though Peru and the U.S don’t have much going on besides cotton, we might one day. It is vital to pay attention to the way your future presidents talk about your heritage and the rest of the globe. The U.S is a global government and holds a responsibility we may not agree with but have. If a candidate speaks ill on a country it should be because we are enemies with that country and there is something evil going on there. Even so, they should tread lightly on the methods on which they would go about handling it. Violence is a slippery slope and Americas power is like Lenny in ‘Of Mice and Men’ holding the rabbits. We just don’t realize how strong we are.


Final Thoughts

There are many more defining ideas of a presidential candidate however these are ones to start you off. My purpose was to show you how important it was not only to vote but to vote well, with a sound idea of who you are voting for. There are many issues at stake in todays society: Gun Control, Abortion, Same-Sex ‘Marriage’, Immigration, National Security, Foreign Policy just to name a few. But we must do just a small bit of research on each to name who we really want our next president to be.


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