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Manhood is the Opposite of Victimhood

4 thoughts on “Manhood is the Opposite of Victimhood”

  1. Tom Gun says:


  2. Tom says:

    What the hell is this poster talking about?

    Seems like he just wants to throw around romanticized stereotypes.

    Fact is, there is no way a man “should” be anymore. Just like any awakening from cultural norms and limitations in a free thinking new age society, the old rules do not apply.

    Do as you please. Don’t lie, cheat or make empty promises.

    Anyone who tells us that as men we “should do this or that” is just wrong.

    As for wisdom, clearly we are far wiser than the past. I know for a fact I am holding up my fair share of being wise….

    1. angel says:

      Thank you for your comment!
      I believe that saying there is no idea as to what a man “should be” anymore is the problem in itself. If we take away our definitions of manhood; the basics…fatherhood, wisdom, guidance, strength, then we do a great disservice to our society. We can say that’s sexist, but really it’s counterproductive to call it sexist when trying to redefine men is in turn actually hurting women.
      Once again thank you for reading and your comment!

      1. Tom Gun says:

        You sir, may be talking nonsense gibberish.
        All this “ruining society” is junk. Wake up people! You are cows on the farms of the elite! You are not even free! If you worry about the fabric of society, go and userp a government. If not and you dont want to play societies hero, then just worry about yourself and the people closest to you and build an island of greatness in a sea of shi*. Because there really isnt much more to do.

        This dreamy fantasy you pain it dribble. Its simple. Find a way to get wealthy and look after those closest to you. It ssems you spend way to much time cultivating idealism about being a man (almost as much time as you spend of that silly beard) and not enough time actually doing it.

        Good day sir! 🙂

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