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Dear Mainstream Media, Stop Trolling Kirk Cameron

5 thoughts on “Dear Mainstream Media, Stop Trolling Kirk Cameron”

  1. Britney says:

    Good read! I’m not a Christians, but I agree that mainstream media oftentimes takes things out of context. I notice it with Christian media as well, taking secular things out of context. It’s sad that both sides are guilty of twisting words to fit their agenda. It gets people hyped up over nothing and causes more conflict between Christians and non-Christians.

    1. angel says:

      I totally agree Britney! Thanks for reaching out, I think that there is always a filter on the media, and most times it’s our job as consumers to take the information and dissect it, drawing our own conclusion. I hope you will leave us your email below so we can keep in touch! Thanks for writing 🙂

    2. Tatianah Green says:

      Thanks for reading and sharing, Britney!

  2. Anton Dray says:

    Thanks for posting.

    1. angel says:

      Thanks for reading Anton!

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