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If I was Pope: The Message I Would Have Given To The President

Who the heck is this blogger guy that wants to re-write The People’s Pope’s speech to congress and change what the blessed man said?! What a narcissistic, blaspheming fool! Well I’ll tell you who I am buster! Absolutely no one.

I’m a son of the living God, one who inherits the kingdom of God just like Pope Francis. I won’t be as smug as to say that I am equal with the man. He is clearly on a political, spiritual and global level that I will more likely than not ever be at. But that in itself is the problem. With the state of this country being one of division and political bullying, a godly man with the largest preaching platform in the world reserves the God-given responsibility to target more issues than consumerism and the environment. What I am not saying is “job not well done Pope!” what I am saying is “mission incomplete, missed opportunity; Pope.” So with all due respect and grace, mercy and a blind eye towards improper grammar, my Papal address to the U.S:

Mr. President,

It is a great honor to be in such a country established on the foundations of life and liberty. As we have in common the mindset to bring freedom to an up and coming generation I bring before you a precise and ancient message, delivered in a new way. As a latino american I have seen the divide in racial barriers increase in recent years yet I remain confident that America is a land of opportunity. Not only opportunity for wealth; but an opportunity to turn our backs on the ways of prejudice. An opportunity to remove from our vocabulary the slurs of separation. An opportunity to ignite the steadfastness of love and an opportunity to become wise in our dealings with fellow members of planet earth.

We know that our great creator has set before us all a plan and for this I celebrate. We know that real religion is not an excuse to separate but a means to take care of those who are suffering, and those who are lacking. So in this I urge we Christians to set aside agendas, arguments and campaigns and show the love which was established by our creator. God set forth everything good in todays earth including the earth itself. Therefore, it is our responsibility as members of this planet to gather and begin to repair the wonderful gift we hold residence on.

It is also our responsibility to hold our children accountable. For we leave this earth to them, and they will eat the fruits we plant. They will think the thoughts we whisper to them. Mr. President, may our families be united and and as strong as a three strand rope. May our impressions of motherhood and fatherhood be what was established by our loving Creator but most of all may we be known by the way we live our lives, standing with love, and not known for what we stand against.

Mr. President,

I would like to thank you for opening up such an incredible stage for me to speak to our American people. We can agree that this country is filled with individuals who are contradicting with mentalities, spirituality, economics and morals; people who are diverse in cultural experience and different in the way they see the world. That is what makes this country the great place it is. Whether it’s may believe in God is not the question. God exists outside of their belief. So I pray that God may look down and bless this mighty nation, and our hearts may cry out to Him. That we may look to God as our deliverer, but more so as our Father. Mr. President, I pray that from the white house to the street corners we would be filled with extreme acts of selflessness and America would be known for our humility, not for our greed. And lastly Mr. President, I pray that you and your family be blessed and strengthened. As leading a nation may be trying and trivial. God bless you, and the United States of America.

Pope Angel Domingo Quiroz Hurtado Pacheco I

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