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Gentlemen, What to Wear to Church This Fall: All the Essentials

The fall is my favorite time of year for fashion. There is no need to cover up your best outfits with bulky winter jackets and horrible “North-Faces”. There is no need to freeze your fingers off because you forgot your awesome leather gloves. In the spirit of the changing leaves and brisk Sunday mornings, I’d like to offer some essentials for this years best looking trends. Leaving out all of the flashier things that will be gone in a month like super tight jogger pants and pizza necklaces, this comprehensive list will be sure to get you through the fall looking superb!


The Fall Suit

As long as your suit is thick in material and gray. Get yourself a nice low priced suit from your local suit dealer, go to your local tailor and get it tailored to your body. This will leave your suit looking twice as expensive as you bought it. The key to a good suit is the sleeve length/width and the shoulders. Make sure they sit right on the edge of your shoulder. Go for a two button top. It keeps you looking modern, and a slim lapel.

Once you have your Suit feel free to play! Throw it on over a t-shirt, or a sweater. Wear the blazer with jeans and sneakers, wear the suit with no tie, or different shirts, even try it with a slim ski vest underneath! Those are an upcoming trend this year. I recommend being the first to show up in it. Rock some monk straps, throw away those old wingtips and you are all set. For day time church activities after service change your dress shoes for some of these!


The Sports Shoe

This one in particular is a Lacoste Misano Sport ($115). But you can swap these out for New Balances or any Euro style slim shoe. The key here is to keep them fresh. Any scratches and scuffs and take some ajax to them with a toothbrush! (Old school trick). Once it’s beyond repair wear em to chill in with your sweat-joggers.



The Red & Black Lumberjack

It’s the return of flannel. But don’t cheap out here. This is Fear of God Back Zip Flannel ($450) Currently being seen on the designer himself Jerry Lorenzo. Rock this with black jeans, a little distressed and some black boots for those days you’re feeling a little extra modern for service.


JackThreads Cashmere Sweater

The Cool Grey

When in doubt about what to wear for Church keep it all neutral colors and let your character do the talking. Simple cool gray crew neck and lightly distressed slim fit chinos with sports shoes all completely pressed. This keeps your style minimal yet timeless. No matter what you do that day you will be the best dressed in the room. Wear a rockstar of a wristwatch to dazzle the fellas and to open up conversation. May I recommend a F.P Journe if you have the means. (Entire outfit available at JackThreads)



The Not J. Edgar Hoover’s Hat

“Lock & Co. always seem to get it right. A lot of times you buy a hat and you look like you’re wearing J. Edgar Hoover’s hat. Lock & Co. works very hard on making sure the brim isn’t too wide and the crown isn’t too high. They continue to modernize things like the fedora even after 100 years, It’s a hat that’s meant to be worn, crushed, and bounce back. And in this color, you can wear it with pretty much everything you own.” —GQ creative director Jim Moore

$175, available at Mr Porter



hmprod (9)

The Sweater of the Season

Two stripes of horizontal perfection, accentuates your upper body perfectly. This sweater is the perfect fall activity essential. Good for anything from Sunday Service to late night fellowship. Keep it on and let the unfiltered fun surprise you. Wear it with anything from chinos to slacks and destroyed denim. Throw on a destroyed jean jacket over it during chilly nights for a distinct look and some added character.  (H&M $19.99)


The Jean Jacket

Please, Don’t wear a bomber jacket to Church…It’s just not cool. Instead, try to keep it rugged with this timeless garment. Wear it over anything from your suit to your chinos. It will give your outfit texture and a unique look. Toss it on, leave the cuffs open, fold one or whatever, don’t think about it so much. Just let the denim work. I assure you compliments will come your way instantly.

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