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Fear of God

I can hear the voices! Chanting! Calling! Screaming!

You’d better have the fear of God brother!

It’s a spooky thought nothing short of ghost stories and going into my faith as an atheist, most of you know…I wasn’t ready to “fear no God”! Thank God for good pastors! Ones who told me to actually read my bible in context! Who helped explain to me that scripture has an original language. In that language (hebrew for the old testament) the word fear doesn’t mean to be scared.


Fear literally translates to reverence or respect! I know some may be thinking as I did…

What a reach!!

But in the hebrew language, there are no curse words, and words rarely have negative connotations. Just ask your Jewish friends. Therefore, it’s not too far fetched for this to be accurate. Even if you don’t want it to be.

Fear, when in relation to God in scripture only means to respect, be in awe of, or revere Him.

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