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The Definitive Guide to Making Your Bible Less Boring

I totally understand the struggle in bible reading. You make yourself your Keurig “breakfast brew” coffee, settle in for an hour of quiet time, pick up your iPad and shut your door, hopping with all intentions to our Heavenly Father that you’ll be able to understand what you read this time! But for some reason it just doesn’t work that way!

You’ve started at Genesis, and by the time you get to Day 3 you’ve got so many questions that you’re tempted to go on google and research them all! You’ve opened up to a random spot and thought “Well maybe God will direct me to what I need to read!” and you end up at the part where Judas kills himself. Epic. Fail.

Reading  the bible is no small task, it isn’t easy, simple, or quick to learn by any stretch, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun! Here are some things to keep in mind while reading!

You’re Reading About A Real Thing

Many times we get overwhelmed with bible stuff because we start to see it as distant, dated, irrelevant to us and boring. But if we insert ourselves into the stories, place our everything into the narrative and imagine we were there, we will see them come to life. For example, Jonah. He was a stubborn man, who after hearing the voice of GOD HIMSELF decided to run in the opposite direction of his calling. Imagine if you heard an audible voice of God…Would you disobey it?

Instead, Jonah runs away, ends up getting eaten by a fish, doing what God wants anyway and STILL complains the whole time! What is this guys deal?! He sounds like me!

This is the posture we should take while reading scripture. To see the people as real people. The stories, as narratives that happened.

 You’re Reading About A Time & A Place

When you start reading a book, make sure you don’t just dive in without any information. This will lead to total confusion and also lead to you jumping to conclusions. Learn about the author. Learn about the culture and time it was written in. For example. The Gospel of Luke was written by Dr.Luke (not the famous producer) who never met Jesus but was discipled by the Apostle Paul. He learned everything about Jesus’ story by interviewing everyone he could find that Jesus met. It was like a CSI investigation. So if you’re a science guy, Luke is your Gospel. Since he was a doctor, he was very descriptive and articulate in everything he wrote.

 You Fit Into Gods Bible Not The Other Way Around

It’s easy to start to see the relevance in scripture and say to ourselves “oh wow! I see how this could work for me!” but the point isn’t to have God work for us. The point of the bible is to have our lives become better by shaping them to look like the scriptures. So as you read, remember that there is a heart issue. Consistently pray before and after you read your bible, it will not only make your reading more fun, but it will help you shape your life to the bible.


These are only a few ways to keep your bible interesting, the bible is an endless book of knowledge. The secrets of life are within the pages of it. If knowing how to read it step by step isn’t your thing, or you don’t even know where to start; download a free PDF packed with what books to read first, basics about scripture, summaries of each chapter, my take on them and so much more! Just subscribe below.

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  1. Solomon says:

    Great post! I’ll have to try those tips 🙂

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