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Culture & God’s 10 Most Popular Articles of 2015

The debut of Culture & God has been a triumphant one in 2015. Although it is in it’s infancy, the weekly content being delivered allowed for great conversation between the Counter Culture. Ranging from the topics of relationships or dating, to faith and church, this has been one of the most diverse times of my life. The lifestyle of Culture & God is one of a faith based, driven person. One who is striving for grown. These are the articles which those who read this website talked about the most.





Screw this. I’ve had it. I don’t care. Im done. Maybe I’m just quite not there yet. Maybe there is some answers I’m looking for that I havent found yet. Or perhaps there is something I’m waiting on that hasn’t come to pass. Whatever my situation, I can easily say we have all come face to face with doubt and wondered a bunch of things.





I once heard someone say “They better give me off this friday! It’s good friday, and that’s when I f*cking go to church. Im not coming in wednesday either.” This got me thinking, People really do love God. It also led me to ponder, imagine how much more they would love Him if they knew the tenderhearted, always faithful Father that answers my prayers.

But none of us just start there, and some of us know we got a good thing going with the big guy upstairs, but we’re just not ready for this church thing. So here is my list of things you can do to guide you to God until you’re ready to wake up early on a Sunday and PTL!…





5 Reasons Modern Dating is Out of Date

You’re putting on your Saturday night best, text coordinating with your buds about who should show up and make sure the bar isn’t too crowded, arguing about which places are played out, and secretly hoping that tonight will be the night your one night stand will end up being a two night stand…and maybe a three and who knows. This could be the real thing…





Christians Are So Annoying

So this morning I came across an interesting piece written on a website called Fame 10 and the title caught my attention. The title is “8 Most Outspoken(And Annoying) Christian Celebrities”. and as I began to read down their list it really had me thinking.

Aside from Prince being mentioned as a Jehovah’s Witness(which isn’t Christian honestly) and maybe a few others who have had questionable displays of whether or not they’re believers, the people on this list appeared to be singled out just for being outspoken about their faith and less about being annoying…





Culture, God & Sin. Too Much Grace, Or Not Enough?

In the recent weeks I have been seeing articles about what the church should stop caring about. I.E: What millennials want, whether we should be discussing topical politics in church, whether the Pastor should have a suit on, Justin Bieber(I stand by him #sorrynotsorry) and many more. However, Grace is one topic I believe will never die out. In my opinion because of our constant need for it. Grace is the abounding forgiveness of God not based on what we do right or wrong for him or anyone else but solely on our faith in Jesus. He will consistently without failing forgive us for anything we have done as long as we chose to repent. But in this definition lies the problem…





Ayesha Curry's Modesty Double Standard

The double standard of forced opinions is at it again. Accusing Ayesha of slut shamming, which if you are new to the concept, means pointing out someones promiscuity in a “hurtful” way, even if there are consequences to their actions. Ayesha Curry, wife of NBA superstar Steph Curry and all-star mom to Riley has caught backlash for this extreme “shade” being thrown at women who “barely wear any clothes”. Now if you’ve seen any award shows since the 90’s you know this is a very harsh reality. Being a family woman and raising her child in the spotlight, I am sure she has had to censor baby Rileys little eyes once or twice. Here are the hilarious tweet exchanges between John Legends wife and soon to be mother of his child and Ayesha…





Lifestyles of the Poor & the Famous
The Truth About Traveling Preachers

Jets, fast cars, nice clothes and Jesus are sometimes the pictures that come to your head when you think about itinerate preachers. These glam gospel peddlers who swindle emotions from weak people for a living. I have had my own speculations as well. However, not all preachers are TV preachers, in fact, most are not.

I spent a week with Pastor Christian Allan. A NJ preacher/pastor who is a large influence in the Latin American Church. Taking a back seat and praying to step out of my bias, as he is also my pastor, he gave me a glance at the inner workings of itinerate preaching.

I did my very best to chronicle my conversations with every person of influence I encountered on this trip while keeping an honest lens. These are the daily logs…[Read More]





The Family Revolution: 
4 Reasons You Should Let the Church Be Your Family (Even if They Mess)

I do life with about 10-20 Jesus loving people and there are moments when we have finished praying, or finished reading the bible and we are so deep in talking about our lives that I sit back and watch what is going on and analyze. Imagine 15 people in my house at any given moment, who know the most intricate details of my life, what I have in my fridge, what I’m struggling with that day, whether or not I can pay my rent, even if i’m in a bad mood. They are ready to help in a moments notice. Imagine a life where you have a team of people cheering on your hopes and dreams, backing you up, helping you without even asking and pulling you out of the craziest situations life steers you into?!


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Culture God & Ecstasy: 
How One Prayer Can Take You From Clubs To Love

I’ll be brutally honest with you, I haven’t been a Christian my whole life. In actual fact, I thought Christians were rather boring; it seemed as though fun meant sipping on tea and talking about the latest sermon. And for a long time; the first nineteen years of my life, I didn’t want a life like that, as my kind of fun looked a lot like a nightclub. Then I had a radical, radical, radical encounter with Jesus. My life was flipped upside-down and that’s when things really became fun.After a few months of serious indulgence in a little drug called ecstasy, I become a seriously damaged soul, and with dilated pupils and dark rings under both eyes, the girl I saw in my facebook profile picture looked nothing like me…




Someone Invited Me To Church But...IDK
Reasons You Don't Wanna Go To Church

Life is a strenuous, busy and time consuming ordeal. There can be tons going on and it can range anywhere from a death in the family to simply being overworked. Time is simply a luxury we do not have enough of to give away freely. Some of us more than others are very generous with our time. We give loads of it to close friends, family and associates, but rarely would a loose invitation to a random, isolated church by a co-worker or distant cousin be high on our priority list.

The God of the universe however, may be an occasional topic of conversation during a round of joint passing with old high school buddies or a surprisingly intimate first date…


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