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7 Books Every Twenty-Something Should Read

The availability of books today is at an all time high. We have more information available to us than any other time in history and we should take it upon ourselves to capitalize on that. I have compiled a list of books that I see fit for people in our twenties to read and benefit from. Books that can shape our perspective evenly and compassionately. These also happen to be my favorites.


Sun Tzu – The Art of War

A book about strategy, sayings and short stories. This is a must read for all aspiring business people. It delves into the mind of the samurai and shows the thought process of one who aspires to be successful (in battle) no matter what the cost. Taking this book in the context of modern day society, and using the tactics and strategies as metaphors for life actually becomes quite enlightening and is sure to be a great read when you have a spare minute. The mind of a samurai is sharp and leaves you feeling determined to take on your biggest metaphorical opponents.


Think & Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

While others are reading Tony Robbins “Money” or watching Get Rich Quick videos on You Tube, you will be reading this book and learning everything you will ever need to know about the mentality of millionaires. Hill, expresses the secrets of Henry Ford and the pioneers of the U.S industry leaders; explaining what made them successful and telling stories of their trials. Hill gives step by step advice on how to enrich yourself and warns you to not continue reading until you have not completed this part of the book. (I have yet to finish this book) It has stood the test of time and been a best-selling classic since 1937 for a reason. Don’t miss this one.


Loveology – John Mark Comer

Love is a fickle thing nowadays. People date and break up quicker than they get new cars or new jackets. It is a daunting task to keep up with your friends significant others. John Mark Comer’s book Loveology breaks down the simplicity of love in a way I have never seen before. Verifying everything you thought it would be and shutting down all the myths. This book acts as a proverbial sword, slicing through the b.s that is the dating scene, and sifting through cliches like “falling out of love”. This is a must read for those rocky Friday nights in when Netflix is bae and the world seems so distant. A total necessity.


Jesus is Greater than Religion – Jefferson Bethke

Twisted twenty something years of cliche questions about a good God leads up to a strong hate for religion. Well at least, an indifference. But then there’s Bethke. A twethy-something year old viral poet who used his poem to launch a New York Time’s Best Selling career with a book illustrating the difference between Jesus the man and Jesus the marble crucified statue above grandmas door. He shouts out key points like his struggles with promiscuity, pornography, how his relationship is with his mother (who is gay) and how he felt like a hypocrite while going to a Christian college. He paints pictures of “just being morally good, instead of holy”. This book shows a side of Jesus yet to be revealed in our generation, until now. Out of all of the books on this list, this is the first one to get.


Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert T. Kiyosaki

Have you ever wondered why rich peoples kids always stay rich? How they manage to stay rich generation after generation? That’s because money is learned at home. Kiyosaki learned this when his Rich dad taught him! Rich Dad Poor Dad explored the mindset duality between what the rich teach their kids and what the poor teach their kids about money. He explores habits like what the rich do with their paycheck (pay their bills last) vs. what the poor and middle class do (pay their bills first). It may seem crazy but you watch his story unfold and begin to see how me makes so much money, and he teaches you how. It is crucial advice, as he teaches you about taxes, loans, insurance, rent, financing and leasing; all the essentials you will need to build a financially free life.


I Found Freedom – Art Mathias

Twenty somethings have one terrible habit that I have noticed in myself. We can identify the problem in everything, but never offer a solution. I found freedom is a book of solutions. Mathias offers solutions based in scripture to almost any question you may have. It adresses the problem of sin and lack of forgiveness and takes you on a journey through the scriptures offering you solutions to life’s greatest problems. If you want to be confronted with hard truths, I recommend getting this one.


Primetime Propagando – Ben Shapiro

Did you know Sesame Streets target audience is lower middle class americans? Well it is an actual fact! They actually target that demographic because they are less likely to be able to read. Ben Shapiro goes to Hollywood and interviews the largest writers in television to find out exactly what they are looking to accomplish with their shows. The answer, you may find, is not as shocking as you may think.

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