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Ayesha Curry’s Modesty Double Standard

The double standard of forced opinions is at it again. Accusing Ayesha of slut shamming, which if you are new to the concept, means pointing out someones promiscuity in a “hurtful” way, even if there are consequences to their actions. Ayesha Curry, wife of NBA superstar Steph Curry and all-star mom to Riley has caught backlash for this extreme “shade” being thrown at women who “barely wear any clothes”. Now if you’ve seen any award shows since the 90’s you know this is a very harsh reality. Being a family woman and raising her child in the spotlight, I am sure she has had to censor baby Rileys little eyes once or twice. Here are theย hilarious tweet exchanges between John Legends wife and soon to be mother of his child and Ayesha.

Not everyone was sticking up for Ayesha. There were many rude comments and tweets circulating. From the famous and not so famous, but I won’t focus on those here. I will however say, that the reason there was so much backlash was because to come out as a mainstream celebrity and take a stand for modesty, a conservative mentality and all things wholesome is to be directly opposed to the Hollywood ideals.

It was only a tweet about a magazine she was reading as she mentioned, yet it gained so much attention because it wasn’t in line with our tolerant ideals. It posed a standard to be set by women of substance, and that wasn’t appreciated. She could have phrased it in any way and it would not have made a difference. The problem was the message. The solution was to discredit her as an individual for having the “wrong” opinion.

There were some celebrities who did stand with her. Some unexpected voices brave enough to speak some relative modesty, but if you would notice, not all of them were willing to say modesty is correct. Because, that is just not acceptable. All they did was validate her as a person. Sure, thats nice enough I guess. We love you, we just don’t agree. I genuinely respect that. I really do. It’s more of what this world needs.

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The issue with this tweet is not whether or not you agree with Ayesha Curry. The issue here is that there is a double standard about modesty. When someone speaks out about it in a vocal and powerful way, it is slut-shamming but when someone speaks out about their sexuality and sexual exploits and even showcases it (cue Miley at the VMAs) it is brave, groundbreaking, trailblazing and every other synonym for innovative you can think of. There is a clear objective here to move things in the direction of sexual “freedom” and I agree. But what if freedom is saving your body for your husband and being vocal about how great it is? What if freedom is a man who can save his virginity until marriage and be powerful about how he talks about it? What if that is freedom? What if we have had it wrong? Since when do humans get anything right the first time?

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