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6 Perfectly ‘Single’ Things To Do On Valentine’s Day

This overly dramatic holiday of love-happy people can be quite the rollercoaster of emotions! To some single peeps t’s just another day, to others; a day of tender romance, and to a few a day of nostalgic long lost love. Don’t beat yourself up if you feel down during this time of year, we all get the Cupid-Blues. But there are always options besides those conventional dinner-dates or elaborate plots of romantic demonstrations. The goal is to be able to embrace your singleness. Unapologetically being without a significant other, not because you’re a lonely shlub, but because you’ve set a standard for yourself that no one has risen up to yet. Not only is that okay, but it’s expected for a flourishing relationship in your future.

But in the meanwhile, what you do on this Hallmark Holiday can be a little tricky. So I compiled a list of Perfectly Single things to do! For all you single folks, who might be  lonely…but more so are just straight up BORED!


Stay Off Social Media

It’s obvious that the last thing you need on a day of romance is a Twitter feed full 0f your friend’s love lives. Instead, get it into your head that this is some time for you to define who you really are and what you really want in a person.

Are you gonna let this holiday bring you down in all of your God created glory?! Of course not! It’s one night! Read your bible, watch some Matt Chandler on YouTube or tell your other single friends to come over and get your Pizza on!


Party Hop

Odds are you’ve been invited to a handful of “dinners” or parties where couples will be in the majority. Instead of declining due to your lack of a plus one; why not get extra spiffy, and hit them all up one by one. Say your hello’s, grab some food and chit chat with your favorite couples and be on your way! Spend no more than an hour at each then thank the hosts for an incredible evening and say you are meeting friends (you’re not lying). Odds are you’ll find yourself in a lengthy conversation with a wise mature couple. Take that opportunity to learn from their experiences, there’s never a bad time for wisdom.  A night riding stag could end up teaching you more about yourself than you ever thought!


Go See The Deadpool Movie!

This is probably more for the dudes. You don’t want to end up hitting the movies on Valentine’s Day with a whole bunch of couples. I promise you, Deadpool will be filled with single people (they might be acne ridden or wearing superhero costumes) but you’ll have a great time there and you will forget all about that holiday.


Children Are The Single Best Excuse

If you’re not a parent, offer to babysit and show those kids the time of their lives! Spoil them rotten and have a blast doing it. It might be the most fun you’ve had on Valentine’s Day!

Think about it, what lets you act like you don’t have a care in the world more than being around miniature humans that actually don’t have a care in the world.


Embrace The Obnoxious

Gather your group of single friends and go somewhere couples go. Have a group Valentine’s Date. It’s never really been my thing, but it seems to work for people! And it makes couples really uncomfortable, which can be really funny! Let’s not be rude, though.


Take a Road Trip

This is a great day to get out of town and hit that crazy conference or museum none of your friends are interested in! Go visit some friends out of town or drive into the city. Either way, spend most of the day traveling to your destination and you wont be a loner, but a man on a mission!

As much as some may say, just find yourself a date; I can’t agree. Finding a date specifically for Valentine’s Day is the same as feeding your loneliness with desperation. It’s a bad mix, and although “one date” may seem harmless or promising, the odds of the outcome being what you want are slim to none. And the odds of the outcome being what you NEED are even lower. If Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, then we should be doing that with someone we love. Not someone who we’ve called to fill the role of a lover.

If that person won’t sacrifice for you, wait for you, forgive you and be kind to you, that person is not your Valentine. You’ll have more fun living out this list on February 14th.

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