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4 Major Ways To Overcome Procrastination

It seems like procrastination is not so much an act as it is a title nowadays. I’ve been dubbed and knighted a procrastinator early on in life. Becoming more aware of how my brain works I realized that I just simply couldn’t do what others could. I wasn’t hard wired to plan ahead, write in my nifty planner and highlight the events of the day.

The Procrastination Handbook

I became aware that there were tricks I could pull on my own brain to make myself think I was procrastinating when in reality I was getting things done early. Things like false deadlines. (This is due a week before it’s really due OMG!) I also realized that I would become way too seduced by immediate pleasures instead of long term victories. I switched this around by praying that the process of my long term victory would become more fun. This manifested as a sweet job in Culture & God. Not to mention other entrepreneurial  endeavors.

But I won’t write it all. I talked about most of what I learned here. Check it out.

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