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10 Things I Want For My Non-Existent Kids

2 thoughts on “10 Things I Want For My Non-Existent Kids”

  1. Howard Coughlin says:

    Hey, remember me from yesterday’s post at the Christian bloggers face book group post. Yes I bookmarked your blog and am here reading it. By far it is the most thoughtfully written one yet. I may produce a scripture in my blog, but won’t always quote it word for word. Perhaps it is better to let the reader find it and interpret themself. Your piece here on your nonexistent kids is great. I can relate , but for the fact that it is what I want for my grandchildren. If you happen to read one of my early post you will find that having children of my own wasn’t God’s plan for me. Thanks again.

    1. angel says:

      Howard! Thank you so much for the thoughtful words! It’s certainly amazing when I see caring and loving grandparents, its a blessing to me and a reminder of how I’d love to be with my kids one day! The word teaches me a lot of how I’m to be as a father and God teaches me even more about the character of a father, so I guess the more I learn about how good of a father He is the more excited I get about having children and showing them that fatherly ABBA love! All the biggest blessings Howard!

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